May 16, 2016

Rhododendron Walk

A Quiet Stroll, Teacup in Hand


Despite the overwhelming amount of work required to simply maintain what we have already created, the pleasure derived from simply being able to stroll around the garden at any time we feel so compelled is compensation enough - at least that’s what I tell myself. Two days ago neighbors were over for a ‘Rhododendron Walk”, before the majority of these Ericaceas family members started to fade. It really is fantastic; an extravaganza for the visual receptors.

Purple Passion, Sappho and Unknown

We have a minimum of 75 different Rhododendrons, and of some we have several plants. They bloom beginning in early April and will continue until mid June, if we’re lucky. Early May seems the most opportune time for viewing this year. A few photos, and one of a clematis (also in good form this year), none of which capture the rapture of being confronted by such beauty.


Percy Wiseman and Azalea Chetco


Anna Rose Whitney

Percy Wiseman

Hackmann's Belona

President Lincoln and Blue Poppy

Clematis Violet Charm

Of course the garden is thronged with hundreds of other flowers, all eager to take advantage of the sun (when it shines). Lewisia (four or five species, of which I think redivia is the best, Iris (Bearded, Siberian, and others), Aquilegia, Anemone, gentian, etc. And so many more to look forward to. So what am I doing sitting here, with so many delightful tasks begging for my time.

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