Aug 12, 2014

Does Anybody Want A Drink Before the Storm?

Does Anybody Want A Drink Before the Storm?

Just had one of those unpredictable summer thunderstorms pass by, and this one even impressed me. One and three quarters of an inch of rain in thirty minutes. Had to run out and clear debris from the drainage swale on the east side of the house as water was beginning to back up in a menacing manner. Soaked to the core, if I have a core, in just seconds. I have been in thunderstorms in Illinois, Missouri, Hawaii and Tampico, Mexico and this one was their equal in intensity, if not duration.

I was graphically reminded once again as to which windows leak, and made the empty promise (again) to fix the problems once the rain stops. It is now raining lightly and after a short tour of the south and east gardens I have no desire to venture further west nor north. Unless the bamboo groves recover I will have many new canes to cure and store - had to stoop to navigate the pathways - and as many of our garden paths are topped with cedar chips there will be a few hours of 'chip retrieval' taking place in the next few days. Most wood floats of course and chips the shape of spinnakers sail merrily away without much encouragement. Several pathways have a 1-2 foot bare undulating ribbon of eroded soil down the center, which, when followed to where the water was finally allowed to dissipate its energy, ends in a swampy lagoon of wood chips and silt - all of which will have to be wheelbarrowed back uphill. Why do I see myself as Sisyphus?

So, I've opened a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and taking a cushion and a fluffy towel to dry off a seat somewhere I'm out into the dampness to sit, contemplate, and make the long list of things we need to do tomorrow. Wonder how the flats of Lewisia liked the drowning?

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