Jun 16, 2014

Too much of a good thing

Garden tasks tend to catch up and then overtake you. I had noticed one of the Darlow's Enigma roses needed a serious trim on the east side as everyday it crept a little closer to the ground, but it wasn't until it had smothered a row of red onion and Buttercrunch lettuce that I knew we had to take action. It would, of course, been much better for all of us if I had taken action two or three weeks ago, but time and priorities are what they are. Yesterday we tackled the job and I have to admit that the end result was not as distasteful as I imagined. In a week or two the east side will most likely be smothered in new blooms.

Looks like I could loose a few pounds.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looking awful cute, blue bug that you are. That Darlowe's E. One of the best things you ever gave me. One of my favorite roses for all time.