May 19, 2014

Plant of the Day

Plant of the Day

Damn but this is a busy time of year in the garden, but I always steal a few moments to smell, if not the roses, then the daphne, the azaleas, or the lilacs, or any of a dozen other plants that perfume the air to a lesser degree.
The blue poppies,

which I have determined are
Meconopsis Horridula, and not Meconopsis betonicifolia, 'Lingholm', nor grandis, and which I don't think will flower this year, loose out as the plant of the week simply because I have been spending too much time staring at them, and am determined to overpower their charm with my own, to a nearby azalea: Rhododendron 'Jane Abbott'. It is supposed to be 'lightly scented' but here, on a warm day, the perfume carries as far as one could hope, even farther. And then there is Rhododendron 'Vernus" - magnificent to say the least. And, and, and, the copper-leaved Acer palmatum Beni otake, or Beni fushigi.

And I should mention the spectacular (so far) results of Rhododendron seeds planted February 0f 2012. These were from a hand pollinated cross between [(Perfectly Pink x Janet Blair) X Abe Arnott] - very vigorous, unlike several other crosses I planted.

Bloom in two years?

Now, how do I economically carry over the few hundred Lewisia I seem to have brought into the world this year into the next?

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