Feb 7, 2014

A Good Neighbor

Just like a Good Neighbor, the Flicker is here

This little bugger [Northern or Western Flicker - Colaptes auratus], has been pecking away at the outside moulding around our windows for days now, searching for insects that have crawled into the cracks between the moulding and the siding to escape winter's arctic blast. The only trouble is, with that pointed three inch beak, wood chips are flying like it had a chain saw in its mouth. Efforts, like making scary faces through the window or holding up photos of our dead cat, to drive him or her away have been fruitless. Guess we'll just have to watch the slow disintegration of our home as rain and snow water dribble down into the studs and joists. As compensation, I suppose, it is a beautiful bird and a good neighbor.

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VQ said...

Photos of a living cat perhaps.