Dec 30, 2013

By way of explanation?

Just found the following snippet while cleaning up some old files. Seems this, and all that followed (which I have not found) was never posted. That was in November of 2011! Whinkla has since reclaimed his journal(s) and I haven't heard from him in months.

The Most Recent Strange Peregrination of F. S. Whinkla
. . . being an honest recollection of events as they occurred on the last leg of his return journey to Kleadrap from Dallas, Texas after wandering several months in and around the Orient.

Part VI

Apparantly Whinkla came by yesterday while I was off shopping for a load of decomposing tree bark. He left a note, pinned to the bole of the White Walnut tree growing by our front steps, which mildly berated me for not continuing and concluding his Texas sojourn. He reminded me he expected the return of his notebook before the end of the year, then added that perhaps I might like to read one or two of the several journals he kept while wandering around Asia, if I hadn't already peeked while they were in my safekeeping. (arrogant SOB) So, to keep the devil off my back, or at least my back porch, I'll attempt a quick translation and summation of the remaining pages of his 'Texas' journal.

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