Apr 7, 2011

Always Time for Tea

Tea House Five Years Ago

Buddha, Five Years Ago

Despite yesterday being the coldest April 6th on record for Portland, Oregon, and our own temperatures here in Parkdale consistently under-doing our own documented lows, I took afternoon tea in my unheated garden tea-house. The small building is sited in what I refer to as the ‘Buddha Garden’, a Japanese inspired garden area that began when I hauled a small, several hundred pound stone Buddha home from an import store in California. The carved rock traveled the thousand-mile journey to Oregon strapped in the back seat of our Honda Accord, where he stoically observed the passing landscape without audible comment. (The back seat however lost all internal consistency and composure) Once home I hauled the squat, gray statue to a location southwest of the house and the Oriental Garden gradually evolved around him.

I intended to say something about Japanese scrolls, but now I see it is time for morning tea. Please excuse me for a while.

1 comment:

Oldfool said...

I never miss tea time or nap time or morning coffee or cocktail hour(s). I almost have no time for anything else.
I might add that everything else almost seems like a waste of time.
A tea house would make taking tea all the more compelling.