Feb 1, 2010

A Wink from Whinkla

A recent e-Mail from an elderly woman in Caddo, Oklahoma, asked the whereabouts of F. S. Whinkla, and I had to respond I hadn't heard from him for over a year. My last contact was in early January of 2009 when I received a handmade card postmarked Taktshang, Bhutan. On the front was a watercolour sketch of what I presume is a mountain monastery (that’s it at the top of this post), and on the other side a cryptic note: “Further Along”. I kept the card, but put all thoughts of Whinkla out of my mind, knowing that when, or if he felt a need to communicate, he will.

Coincidence? Today I received a fat manila envelope covered with exotic stamps and cryptic markings postmarked, I think, Yadong, Tibet, and my address is in the unmistakable purple scrawl of F. S. Whinkla. I am as excited and as frightened as a five year old contemplating his first day of school.

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