Dec 23, 2006

Mid December Thought

After spending most of the year thinking about, and a considerable number of November and December days creating my Christmas gift for Whinkla I thought it would be interesting to present it to him myself. Plaster, feathers, twigs, and semi-precious stones such as Chalcedony and Grossularite Garnet, and a crystal of Galena made up the body of the work, but re-cycled mattress canvas, moonlight, and a variety of type fonts applied with a Sumi brush played a very important part in the construction also. It weighed only five point seven pounds on my postal scale so I thought it would not be a burden to me. How wrong I was.

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Arctica said...

Hi I just came across your blog, having recently passed through the ice capped region of Kleadrap I was intrigued to find a post from there. I was just a little confused about who is writing as entries are posted by F.S. Whinkla, but are speaking of Whinkla. Perhaps as I read on I'll find the explanation.