Sep 11, 2006


It occurs to me I should provide more background information so let me step back to the summer of 1990. At that time I was a student at Wageningeen University in the village of Soerendonck in the Nedtherlands pursuing a general course of in zoology. My instructor, Doctor J. K. van Calkenren, after more than a few pints of bokbier and several shots of Dr. Franciscus de la boie's fateful concoction suggested that if I was to concentrate my studies and research on the order Stylommatophora, family Oleacinoidea, genus Testacellidae, he might be able to procure a grant allowing me six months of study, perhaps more, at the "Skunk Cabbage Stylommatophora Center" in Washington State in the United States. Having no definite goal in mind at the time I accepted his offer. The grant was eventually approved for 5,000 Guilders, (approximately 2,700 dollars) and included round-trip airfare from Amsterdam to Seattle, Washington, and a monthly stipend of around 100 US dollars. With funding like this I felt I would be able to devote my entire time to the study of Deroceras monentolophus v. interlinea diretta calva della vipera.

Now, skipping sixteen years ahead I thought I would include a brief description of a recent visit to F. S. Whinkla.

From my notebook: (looking for my notebook). . .

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